Labour & HR management

Labour & HR management

ATS Lawyers advises many clients on labor-related matters. We are a valuable resource for companies who wish to increase their profits, keep their employees happy and comply with local regulations. Our services range from recruitment, employee benefits, performance appraisal, termination, tax matters, human resource management procedures to labour disputes settlement, so we are sure to have an answer to any dilemma or concern.

Our team focuses on:

▶          Employment contracts including termination formalities

▶          Advice on manpower requirements in compliance with business needs

    Advice on labour regulations including salaries, bonuses, insurance, personal income tax, labor management matters, including labor contracts, collective labor agreements, internal operation regulations, conditions, methods of labor material liability and labor discipline

          Compliance with the registration of labor regulations and report regime

          Handle other matters related to health, work, safety and sanitation conditions

          Mediation on labor disputes and represent clients before Vietnamese courts for settlement of labor disputes

▶          Work permit and immigration formalities for expats

▶          Advice on establishment and operation of trade unions

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