Securities & Capital markets

Securities & Capital markets

5ATS Lawyers with its team is determined to provide securities and capital markets services of unbeatable quality. Our experienced team is competent to provide advice regarding activities of securities offering, listing, transaction, trading and investment and other related services. We offer a comprehensive range of services to suit every client. Our clients can consider being in safe hands on the basis of our excellent customer service, our effective business model and our expertise. We can advise and assist both local and foreign clients to register and acquire public offer of securities. We also guide new companies to establish securities companies and securities investment fund management companies and also help in handling the process of obtaining license. We specialize in working with foreign invested securities companies and fund management companies, increasing capital and monitoring information disclosure activities.

Our team focuses on:

          Establishment and operation of foreign invested securities companies and fund management companies

▶          Registration of the public companies

          Listing shares on stock exchanges

          Increasing the capital, public share offering and private share offering for public companies

          Corporate bond issuance and listing on the stock market

          Monitoring information disclosure activities of both listed and unlisted public companies

▶          Compliance with securities laws


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