Entities eligible for investment incentives prescribed in clause 2 of Article 15 in the 2020 Investment Law in force from January 1, 2021, will include:

Investment projects in business lines eligible for investment incentives under law.

– Investment projects located in the areas eligible for investment incentives under law.

– Any investment project whose capital is at least VND 6,000 billion, of which at least VND 6,000 billion is disbursed within 03 years from the issuance date of the investment registration certificate or the approval for investment guidelines and which satisfies any of the following criteria: the total revenue is at least VND 10,000 billion per year within 03 years from the year in which the revenue is earned or the project has more than 3,000 employees;

– Social housing construction projects.

– Investment projects located in rural areas and employing at least 500 employees.

– Investment projects that employ persons with disabilities in accordance with regulations of law on persons with disabilities.

– Hi-technology enterprises, science and technology enterprises and science and technology organizations;

– projects involving transfer of technologies on the List of technologies the transfer of which is encouraged in accordance with regulations of the Law on Technology Transfer.

– Science and technology enterprise incubators prescribed by the Law on High Technologies and Law on Science and Technology; enterprises manufacturing and providing technologies, equipment, products and services with a view to satisfaction of environment protection requirements prescribed by the Law on Environment Protection.

– Start-up projects, national innovation centers, and research and development centers.

– Business investment in small and medium-sized enterprises’ product distribution chain.

– Business investment in technical establishments supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprise incubators.

– Business investment in coworking spaces serving small and medium-sized enterprises and startups prescribed by the Law on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.


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