Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property


We provide a full range of IP services, across copyright and related rights, industrial designs, layout designs, trade secrets, and trade marks. Our practice covers advice and assistance with registration processes, assignment and licensing, and rights protection; and avenues of enforcement and compensation for rights infringement. Our track record includes complex, high-profile IP infringement cases involving civil, administrative and criminal remedies.

Our specialist IP lawyers protect clients’ ideas, brands, inventions, innovations and (above all) reputations. Our aim is to mitigate any commercial implications arising from potential infringements, and to ensure that our clients are able to fully leverage their rights.

Our team focuses on:

▶ Copyright registration, and the assignment and licensing of copyright and copyright-related rights

▶ Trade mark registration

▶ Patent registration

▶ Internet and online advertising

▶ Franchising

▶ The negotiation, drafting, evaluation and registration of licenses and technology transfer contracts

▶ Commercialization

▶ Dispute resolution: enforcement and infringement litigation

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