Legal translation

Legal translation

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Our team stands out for its blend of experience, knowledge and communication skills in both Vietnamese and English. Our senior team members have the benefit of experience working with multinational firms, strengthening their English language skills, and our team also includes a number of foreign associates who are proficient in English. With such resources, we are able to deliver a consistently high-quality legal translation service.

We are fully aware of the importance of the proper understanding and usage of legal terminology in this context. Translation is undertaken with utmost care regarding the legal implications of each subject phrase, to ensure that the translated version is a reliable replica of the original: precise, and with no room for ambiguity.

We undertake the translation of legal documents of all kinds and originating in all contexts: from contractual and investment matters to compliance and international litigation. Our translation services (for both English and Vietnamese documents) are available for documents including the following:

▶ All types of Contracts and Agreements

▶ Application Dossiers

▶ Official correspondence

▶ Litigation and arbitration-related documents: applications, statements, and supporting documents

▶ Property-related documents

▶ Expert reports

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