Key Achievements

Key Achievements


▶  Advise Samsung, LG Group and their new satellite companies on project management, finance, taxation and employment after founded;

▶  Advise Focus Travel to establish enterprise management procedures, capital and business restructuring;

▶  Draft regulations of financial management, internal management of several groups and  companies;


Provide legal opinions on capital transfer between Daewoo Hotel Viet nam Joint Venture Company and  Vietnamese partner;

▶  Advise Nguyen Kim Electronic and Trade JSC in offering its shares to foreign investors;

▶  Advise M&A transaction for a software company to sell company to foreign investors;

▶  Advised and process agreements, formalities for several investors of real estate projects including office and commercial buildings, industrial park in Ha Noi city and Bac Ninh province to transfer a part or whole projects to other investors;


▶  Provide legal advice and process formalities for establishment of several schools, companies specialized in the fields of securities, real estate, manufacturing, distribution, logistic…

▶  Provide legal assistance in investment projects to develop an industrial park village in Bac Ninh province, a spa resort in Tuyen Quang province;

▶  Advise the legal framework, process and procedures to call for investment capital to develop a real estate project; Advice on procedures and implementation of investment projects after licensing;

▶  Perform due diligence for several investors specialized in the field of real estate and construction; Advice on project transfer, including licensing procedures and related matters;

▶  Handle legal issues arising from implementation process of investment projects;


Assist Korea, Malaysia and India bankers in obtaining the licenses from the State Bank of Vietnam;

▶   Represent  Hồng Hà Investment JSC and Golden Bridges Vietnam Securities Company in the settlement of bad debts at Vietcombank, Techcombank, VPBank and BIDV for a period of 2012 – 2014;

▶ Prepare, review, negotiate syndicated loan agreements with several commercial banks such as Vietcombank, Agribank, BIDV, Vietin Bank, Military Bank for large scale hydropower projects, thermal power plant and infrastructure construction projects;


▶  Advise Focus Travel and its subsidiary companies on setting up human resource management  procedures;

Advise several commercial banks, foreign invested companies, international organizations and domestic companies to set up human resource management system including establishing/ reviewing employee handbooks, collective labour agreements, standard labour contracts, salary scales, training agreements, labour contract termination procedures, labour discipline procedures, work permit processing and settle labour disputes;


▶  Advise on taxation implication for acquisition of an existing factory of Trung Nguyen Coffee;

▶  Advise on all taxation related matters for several international and domestic organizations including corporate taxation incentives and non-taxation incentives, international taxation services (ITS) and transfer pricing (TP), Business taxation services (BTS) and business taxation compliance (BTC), personal income tax, tax planning and cross-border taxation issues;


▶  Advise Constrexim Holdings (CTX) and the Korea partner during the negotiation on office building and trade center transfer contracts;

▶  Represent an Indonesian client to negotiate a vessel building agreement with a Vietnamese company, settle related contractual disputes afterward;

▶  Engage in negotiation and completion a number of agreements for infrastructure development projects in Hai Phong;

▶   Prepare, review and negotiate design contracts of office building & golf course projects, construction contracts of several residential and office building projects, standard long-term lease contracts of several office buildings projects, management contracts of 5-star hotels and resorts, EPC contracts of manufacturing plants in oil and gas field;

▶  Draft standard contracts for sale of apartment/ commericial area for several real estate projects in Ha Noi and Bac Ninh provice;



▶  Advise a 100% foreign owned company in Ho Chi Minh city to terminate labour contracts with 6 staff (including one pregnant female employee and Chairman of Trade Union) by mutual termination agreements;

▶  Advise a Vietnamese company to settle design contract dispute with a Taiwanese design company by mutual agreement on termination of the contract;

▶  Advise, represent a buyer to settle dispute arising from apartment sale and purchase contract with TID (Dolphin Plaza project) by mutual agreement on compensation for buyer;

▶  Advise, represent a buyer to settle dispute arising from apartment sale and purchase contract with HiBrand Vietnam Co., Ltd (Daewoo Cleve project in Ha Dong) by mutual agreement on capital withdrawal;


▶  Represent buyer to take Keangnam – Vina Co. Ltd. – investor of Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower to the court for settlement contractual dispute arising from sale and purchase apartment contract, due to Keangnam Vina Co. Ltd. violated the Vietnam’s regulations on Foreign exchange controll, the Law on Real Estate Business and the Law on Residential Housing;

▶  Represent a minor share holder to take Thang Long Cement Company (TLCC) to the Court of Quang Ninh province requesting the Court to cancel all illegal resolutions, decisions of respective Shareholders’ Meeting due to TLCC seriously infringed the order and procedures for convening the concerned meetings of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the order and procedures for issuing the decisions or such decisions have contents in violation of the law of Vietnam and TLCC’s charter;

▶  Represent and protect a Vietnamese Company at Ha Noi Court (1st level) and Supreme Court  (2nd level). The Company terminated a labour contract with a foreign employee due to organizational restructuring reason and the Company win the case;

▶  Represent and protect Coma 18 at Ha Dong Court (1st level) and Ha Noi Court (2nd level) regarding payment of several allowance upon labour contract terminated by the employee and the Company win the case;

▶  Represent Interflour Vietnam Co., Ltd to take the Viet Tien Trading and Food Processing Co., Ltd. to Ha Noi Court for settlement of contractual dispute and win the case;

▶  Represent an employee to sue a German Company at Ho Chi Minh city court due to the Company terminated the labour contract illegally and win the case;

▶  Represent an employee to sue a Japanese Company at Dong Anh court due to the Company terminated the labour contract illegally and win the case;

▶  Represent several employees to sue a Vietnamese Company at Long Bien Court for severance allowance payment  and win the cases (by mutual compensation agreement);

▶  Advise a 100% foreign invested company to terminate labour contracts with several retired staff and settled disputes related to severance allowance payments;

▶  Represented a Vietnamese Company before Hanoi Labour Department due to the Company terminated a definite term labour contract without notice and win the case.

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