Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

4ATS Lawyers has been recognized as an instrumental partner of numerous established commercial banks, financial companies and credit institutions in Vietnam. Our knowledgeable banking and financial lawyers demonstrate the skills necessary to properly handle the risks that are associated with securing successful transactions. We offer a wide range of services such as identifying potential risks that may arise from credit transactions, developing banking procedures, handling loan and mortgage contracts. Our extensive knowledge regarding political matters, legal practices in Vietnam and the thoughtful manner in which we approach risk assessment and result orientation has aided in client success in Vietnam’s dynamic economy. Banks, financial companies and credit institutions trust our legal service for compliance reviews of every aspect of their business. As a result, we are experienced with managing various needs and situations.

We maintain positive relations with multinational and domestic financial institutions. Whether our clients need us to negotiate, modify or enforce financial arrangements, we provide practical, specialized solutions to reach lucrative commercial outcomes for our clients. Our banking litigation practice group sets out to manage litigation for its clientele in the most efficient, cost-effective and successful manner possible. We have successfully represented several commercial banks and financial institutions in various banking litigation matters, including bad debt recovery.

Our team focuses on:

▶          Regulatory compliance

          Project finance

          Mortgage banking

▶          Loans and other contracts

▶          Banking litigation

▶          Legal risks management

▶          Operation procedures

          Debt collection

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