Professional Team

Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Hien

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien


Before becoming a Counsel at ATS Law Firm with other partners, Lawyer Nguyen Thi Thu Hien has over twenty years of practical experience as a Senior Partner at various prestigious law firms. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien also held the positions of manager and executive, such as Deputy Director of EDCON, Head of Investment – Project Department of Phu Gia An Company..

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien has strong consulting experiences in commercial, investment, construction, franchise, technology transfer and intellectual property licensing contracts; M&A; project transfer; evaluating, constructing, and enhancing enterprise business processes, internal control processes, enterprise management and restructuring, human resource management for NGOs, foreign enterprises and Vietnamese corporations and enterprises.

  • Lawyer Card and Lawyer Practice License – Member of Hanoi Bar – Vietnam Bar Federation
  • Law Master Degree issued by Hanoi Law University
  • Bachelor of Laws – Hanoi Law University
  • Bachelor of Japanese Language – Phuong Dong University
  • Consult on enterprise, commerce, construction, investment, finance and banking
  • Contracts (commercial contracts, construction contracts, advisory management contracts, supplying copyright contracts, technical consultancy contracts, Import-Export contracts)
  • Human resource management, corporate governance, and project management §Labor and labor dispute resolution
  • M&A businesses and investment projects
  • Business restructuring
  • Application for licenses and approvals of competent State authorities for foreign enterprises and investors
  • Taxation and tax dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property (trademark and copyright registration)
  • Investment and construction projects: Consulting, reviewing, drafting dossiers and performing procedures for setting up investment projects, applying for granting and amending investment policies, applying for granting and amending investment registration certificates, investment incentives, investment project management, applying for granting and renewing construction permits for governmental and non-governmental organizations, foreign enterprises and investors from numerous countries such as: Japan (Sumitomo, Shimizu, Kobelco, Leakless, Amada, VJEC, Fujitsu Vietnam, Olympus, Healthcare Connection, Bintai Kindenko Vietnam, Jonest Chonest, Nissin Brake, Lixil Vietnam, Swing Vietnam, Marubeni, MAT Vietnam, Nippon Steel Metal Products, Horiba, Sanphar Vietnam); Korea (KineMaster, Lotte, Charmvit, GS, Hyosung, Posco, Orion); the United States (AIA Vietnam, Dasan Vietnam, Turner Vietnam, Viosoft, DAS Companies); Sweden (Swedish Embassy in Vietnam, Electrolux Corporation); India (Tata International, Ishan International, Alliance Vietnam, Cloud4C, Phu Ben Tea, Abrasive); Taiwan (Choice Pharmar Taiwan, Forward Vietnam); and others: Warren & Brown (Australia); Jaspal, The Hour Glass (Thailand), Termo Vietnam (Salvador), Vaude Vietnam (Germany), Lee Hing Vietnam (Hong Kong), Lhoist (Belgium), etc.
  • M&A: Consulting, negotiating, reviewing and assisting Wonpoong & Akiflex (Korea) in merger transactions; IFI Solution (Japan) in the transactions of transferring shares to foreign investors; Vision Vietnam (Hong Kong), Janiset Vietnam (France) and Toho Engineering (Japan) in the transactions of transferring shares with foreign investors; Danatol Nghe An in the transactions of transferring new urban areas; Canon IT Solutions (Japan), Material Automation (Thailand) and Kanto Bussan (Japan) in the transactions of transferring capital with foreign investors, etc.
  • Contracts: Consulting, drafting, reviewing and negotiating credit contracts for various real estate projects and design contracts of Line Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Korea) for its high-class apartment projects; Consulting, drafting and negotiating equipment sale contracts, franchising contracts, hotel management contracts, real estate projects, etc.
  • Corporate governance – labor: Consulting on setting up corporate governance procedures for Focus Vietnam; reviewing and drafting labor regulations, human resource management processes, sets of modeling contracts/agreements for numerous foreign-invested enterprises and organizations in Vietnam.
  • Taxation: Consulting on tax dispute resolution between enterprises and tax authorities through dialogues, complaints, and administrative litigation at competent courts at all levels.
  • Intellectual property: Consulting on intellectual property rights, trademark registration and copyright for NEO Vietnam, Ana Marina Nha Trang, Jaquar, etc.