VCN- The Government has issued Resolution No.104/NQ-CP on simplifying administrative procedures and civil papers related to population management under the management of the Ministry of Finance.  

Accordingly, contents are simplified that related to 71 administrative procedures in 3 fields: Securities (32 procedures), Customs (2 procedures) and Tax (37 procedures).

In the field of Customs, procedures for examination and issue of certificate of training in Customs declaration, Resolution 104 abolishes regulation on submission the copy of identity card or passport in Article 3 of Circular 12/2015/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance detailing the procedures for issue of certificate of training in Customs declaration, issue and revocation of employees’ identification number of Customs broker, and procedures for recognition and operation of Customs broker.

Regarding procedures for recognition and operation of Customs broker, the Resolution abolishes regulation on submission of the copy of identity card in Clause 1, Article 9 of Circular 12/2015/TT-BTC and amends form No. 07 enclosed with Circular 12 towards civil information including surname, middle name and the birth name and individual identification number.

In the field of Securities, simplification of procedures for issue and amendment of licenses for establishment and operation of public securities investment companies due to mergers and consolidation.

Specifically, abolishing regulation on submission of the copy of valid identity card or passport of proposed member of the Board of Directors, legal representatives of public securities investment companies and founding shareholder; Director (General Director), Deputy Director (Deputy General Director) and the fund manager (for Vietnamese citizens) stipulated in Article 78 of Decree No. 58/2012 / ND-CP.

In the Tax field, registration procedures for issue of a certificate of tax procedure services practice are simplified.

Accordingly, the requirement of submitting the Curriculum vitae with certification of the competent labor management agency or People’s Committee of Commune, ward or town of residing place in Article 12 is abolished. The criteria of date, month and year of birth and hometown are abolished. The individual identification number is added in form 6a, 6b enclosed with Circular No.117/2012/TT-BTC.

The Resolution also stipulates that when implementing registration procedures on quantity and types of alcohol stamps which are expected to use in the year (buying alcohol stamp implemented at Customs department and Customs branch level), the person who directly buys alcohol stamps shall not have to submit the introduction letter of business and valid identity card under provisions of the law on identity card.

Abolishing regulations on organizations and individuals who shall have to send documents together with detailed lists of registration for destruction with the tax agency and must send written approval of the tax agency the before destroying damaged (broken) alcohol stamps.



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