The National Assembly just approved the Resolution No. 86/2014/QH13 dated November 28, 2014 on further increasing the effectiveness of the economic restructuring in public investment, state enterprises and banking system, arranging and restructuring weak credit institutions, continuing implementing measures to reduce non-performing loans to below 3 percent of the total outstanding loans by the end of 2015.

At the same time, continue studying and improving the operational mechanism of the Vietnam Asset Management Company; increase the inspection and examination of the law compliance by credit institutions, closely supervise the cross ownership and cross investment, promptly handle violations and prevent risks.

For investment, the National Assembly assure to draw up and implement specific plans and policies encouraging and attracting non-state investment to develop socio-economic infrastructure facilities, which will replace a significant part of public investment; continue reviewing and completely investing in unfinished public investment projects with socio-economic effectiveness; to concentrate investment on science and technology and human resources development. Capital construction debts must not recur.

Completely implementing the state-enterprise arrangement and renovation plan, paying attention to properly dealing with the labor redundancy; to improve the effectiveness of the mechanism of state owner representation by separating the functions of owners, owner representatives and state administration; identifying responsibilities in order to strictly handle heads of ministries, sectors, localities and state enterprises in slowly or improperly implementing the approved restructuring plans…

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Resolution No. 86/2014/QH13


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