From October 20, citizens will have the right to monitor investment projects through a community-based investment monitoring board.

Under Government Decree No. 84/2015/ND-CP of September 30, on investment monitoring and evaluation, the investment monitoring board may request competent state management agencies to provide information on socio-economic development and sectoral development master plans, land use master plans and plans, infrastructure development master plans, urban center, residential area and industrial park construction plans, and related investment plans for communes.



The board may also request program or project owners and investors to answer inquiries and provide information on investment decisions, schedules and plans; land occupation and use areas; detailed site and architecture plans; compensation, site clearance and resettlement plans; and waste treatment and environmental protection plans.

Owners or investors of programs or projects using community resources or commune-level budgets or direct financial aid of organizations and individuals may be requested to additionally provide information on technical process and rules, categories and norms of supplies, acceptance-test and construction finalization results.

Citizens may also propose competent authorities to suspend the investment in or operation of projects if detecting any illegal act which seriously affects their production, security, cultural-social affairs and living environment or if investors fail to make public information about the investment projects in accordance with law.

This new regulation will take effect on October 20, and replace Decree No. 113/2009/ND-CP of December 15, 2009.



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