The Government on July 1 issued Decree No. 70/2016/ND-CP, prescribing conditions for providers of maritime safety services.

Accordingly, enterprises providing maritime pilotage services must be established lawfully and have at least 75 percent of their charter capital held by the State.

In addition, they are required to have full-time units in charge of maritime pilotage. The heads of such units must be expert pilots holding a university or higher degree. The Vietnam Maritime Administration will assign these enterprises their compulsory pilotage areas and vessel navigation routes, in which each navigation route will be undertaken by only one company providing maritime pilotage services.

Under Decree No. 70, such enterprises must also have sufficient pilots of different levels holding operational area certificates in conformity with the assigned vessel navigation routes, and have means of transport to carry pilots at the assigned routes in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Transport.

Regarding conditions for providing obstacle clearance and removal, providers of this service must have a capital of at least VND 5 billion throughout their operation, and have appropriate methods and equipment to clear and remove obstacles and prevent environmental pollution.

Decree No. 70 also prescribes several conditions for providing maritime safety services, including the establishment, operation and maintenance of aids to navigation and navigable channels and routes; notices to mariners; formulation and distribution of maritime safety documents and publications; electric information on navigation; and import of flares.



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