Violations of construction investment regulations would carry a maximum fine of VND 1 billion, according to a draft decree on sanctioning of administrative violations in the construction sector.

The draft decree, elaborated by the Ministry of Construction, also proposes imposing a fine of up to VND 300 million for violations of regulations on exploitation, processing and trading of minerals used as building materials; production and trading of building materials; management of technical infrastructure works; and real estate business, housing development and house and office building use and management.



In addition to the monetary penalty, violators would be subject to either or both of the additional sanctions of deprivation of the right to use licenses, certificates of eligibility and practice certificates and suspension of operation for between 3 and 24 months.

Violators would likely be required to apply remedial measures so as to restore the original state before violation is committed and overcome environmental pollution. They might also be forced to remit illegal earnings from their violations into the state budget and dismantle violating works.

With regard to construction planning, the draft says that a fine of VND 30-40 million would be levied on acts of formulating planning tasks or blueprints in contravention of law-prescribed order and procedures, or failing to consult related agencies, organizations, individuals and communities on planning tasks or blueprints.

Those who build individual houses in urban areas at variance with granted construction permits would face a fine of VND 10-20 million. Meanwhile, those who build houses without construction permits would be fined between VND 20-30 million.



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