By 2020, Vietnam will have its exports distributed directly to large markets of Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia as well as countries that have signed free trade agreements with Vietnam.

This goal is set forth in a Prime Minister decision approving the scheme to promote Vietnamese enterprises’ direct participation in foreign distribution networks through 2020.

Under Decision No. 1513/QD-TTg dated September 3, the Prime Minister specifies tasks and measures to implement the scheme, including building information systems and databases to provide information about Vietnamese enterprises and export goods to foreign importers.

Specifically, in order to create favorable conditions for domestic enterprises, concerned agencies are requested to collect accurate and adequate information and data on foreign distribution networks, especially those engaged in the aforesaid markets, and provide official information on foreign parties that import Vietnamese goods to Vietnamese exporters through the e-portal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The cabinet head directs ministries and sectors to work with foreign distribution groups in guiding Vietnamese manufacturers and exporters in applying international regulations and standards to their manufacturing processes, and supplying goods up to technical specifications and quality requirements of foreign distribution systems.

The country will prioritize first of all exports with advantages and high exportability to be distributed by major distribution systems in strategic markets.

Trade promotion and connection with foreign distribution systems within the framework of the National Trade Promotion Program will be intensified, while overseas trade promotion offices will increase assistance for Vietnamese enterprises in seeking market information, making connections with customers and exporting directly to foreign distribution systems.

This Decision took effect on September 3.



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