The Ministry of Public Security on July 6 issued Circular No. 31/2015/TT-BCA to guide the grant of visas, temporary residence cards, exit and entry permits and permanent residence status to foreigners.

Under the circular, an agency, organization or individual that wishes to sponsor a foreigner to enter Vietnam will submit a visa application directly to the Immigration Management Department.

The application will be processed and an answer will be given to the applicant within the next five working days.

However, if applying for grant of visa on arrival, the applicant may need to wait up to 12 working days before receiving a reply from the Immigration Management Department.

In case a foreigner wishes to temporarily resides in Vietnam, he will, via the agency, organization or individual having invited or sponsored him to the country, carry out procedures at the Immigration Management Department or the immigration office of the Public Security Department of the province or city where his sponsor or inviter is headquartered or resides.

The immigration agency will consider granting a temporary residence card within five days after receiving a complete dossier.

The validity duration of the temporary residence card will range between one and five years, depending on the foreigner’s entry purpose as well as the request of his sponsor or inviter.

The new circular will take effect on August 20 and replace Circular No. 45/2011/TT-BCA of June 29, 2011.



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