VCN- Ha Noi Taxation Department has actively deployed e-tax refund service. Currently, the Department has implemented e-tax refund for 102 businesses leading to reduce time and cost for businesses.

In the past times, the Taxation and Ha Noi Taxation Department have actively implemented tax administrative procedure reform and enhance service quality to facilitate tax payers to abide by tax policies. The Department developed and applied e-tax declaration and e-tax payment system to remove difficulties on time and site for tax declaration and payment; developed information system to tax payers via e-mail. The Department also developed ASM application to send detailed information to each business via e-mail; Reformed administrative procedure system to shorten time of tax policy compliance of tax payers; Applied quality management system ISO 9001-2008 in many areas of tax management.

The Hanoi Taxation Department has collaborated with Japanese and South Korean business associations and small and medium-size enterprises associations to listen to feedback from businesses. Coordinating with providers of digital certificate service, tax accounting and consultancy services to support businesses to well implement tax policies and minimize legal risk. With support of business community, in the past times, the tax administrative procedure reform and modernization have achieved positive results, and tax management quality has been enhanced and law compliance of tax payers has been significantly improved.

In particular, from January 2017, implementing the Government’s Resolutions, the Ministry of Finance has piloted the e-tax refund service at Hanoi Taxation Department and Ho Chi Minh Taxation Department. According to Deputy Director of Ha Noi Taxation Department Vien Viet Hung, from the pilot to now, Hanoi has implemented the e-tax refund service for 102 enterprises in the city. In order to reduce cost and time for businesses in implementing tax regulations in general and administrative procedures in particular and create a further fairer and opener business environment, the Hanoi Taxation Department has been deploying an e-tax refund project to ensure import and export businesses and investment projects subject to tax refund to implement the tax refund quickly and easily. E tax-refund is identified as a public service level 4 which is a tax refund form that taxpayers can send tax refund dossiers and receive feedback and refunded amount via electronic system without presenting at the tax offices.

After the pilot, the Hanoi Taxation Department clearly realized efficiency and benefits which e-tax refund has been brought to business and Tax agencies such as save time and human resource in submitting of tax refund proposal, dossier and additional documents in the settlement of VAT refund compared to directly send refund proposal or via Post; Save time and human resource in receiving notices or decisions of Tax agencies; Publicity and transparency in handling VAT refund at Tax offices. Especially, e-tax refund minimized the direct contact of tax payers with competent agencies, thereby minimizing negative impacts in the settlement of VAT refund. Besides, Tax payers will be provided a storage and search service of e-tax refund dossier and feel assured for using it, because the dossiers are ensured on the Portal of the General Department of Taxation.

With positive results and assessments from taxpayers, the Taxation in general and Hanoi Taxation Department in particular have been expanding the implementation of VAT refunds to businesses by electronic means.



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