The Prime Minister has recently directed ministries and sectors to cut at least half of their business conditions before August 15, which is earlier than the deadline of October 30 set in Government Resolution 01 issued at the beginning of this year.

Under Directive 20, the cabinet head requires business conditions to be actually cut and simplified. Ministries and sectors may not merge several conditions into one or just change their names.

The number of goods subject to specialized inspection and specialized inspection procedures must also be halved before the aforesaid deadline.

For simplification of specialized inspection procedures, the directive says that a type of imported or exported products will be managed by only one ministry or equivalent agency or its attached unit. The management method will be shifted from pre-licensing inspection to after-licensing inspection based on the principles of risk management and assessment of law observance by importers and exporters. Except goods subject to quarantine, not every goods lot will be inspected, the Directive stresses.

In addition, the PM prohibits ministries, ministerial-level agencies and People’s Committees from setting more business conditions or specialized inspection procedures and adding goods subject to inspection which are contrary to laws.

In drafting legal documents, ministries are requested to make it clear and easy to understand and implement for enterprises, neither creating market access barriers nor making costs for enterprises to incur.

The Directive assigns the Ministry of Justice and Government Office to verify legal documents that contain administrative procedures, business conditions and lists of goods subject to specialized inspection in order to propose competent authorities to stop the issuance of unlawful, unnecessary or irrational regulations or those making enterprises to incur more costs.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment, in coordination with other ministries and relevant agencies, is responsible for reviewing and gathering investment business conditions for posting on the national business registration portal.

Ministries and agencies will have to announce the results of cutting business conditions and simplifying specialized inspection procedures as well as possible economic benefits brought about by such simplification, right after the documents on realization of simplification plans are issued.

They are also required to quarterly report on any change in the number and list of goods subject to specialized inspection as well as number of business conditions, explaining the causes for that change.-



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