VCN- The Ministry of Finance has just issued Decision No. 179 / QD-BTC on theplan to review the implementation of the Law on handling of administrative violations in 2020.

Under the plan, the Ministry of Finance will focus on reviewing the implementation of the provisions of Law on handling of administrative violations and guiding documents in the financial sector.

Specifically, to review the performance of the task of managing and implementing the law enforcement on handling administrative violations; to review from direction stage to report, information stage; and conditions for law enforcement.

The Legal Department under the Ministry of Finance shall be responsible for leading and coordinating with the General Department of Taxation, the General Department of Customs, the State Treasury and the Ministry Inspectorate to guide units subject to inspection to self-review according to the contents stated in the plan.

The Ministry will set up inspection teams to directly review the Tax Departments of the provinces: Ca Mau, Dong Nai and Hung Yen; State Treasuries of provinces: Ca Mau, Dong Nai, Hung Yen, Ha Tinh and Long An; Customs Departments of provinces: Dong Nai, Ha Tinh and Long An.

Units subject to inspection shall base on this plan to conduct self-inspection and reportto their general departments and the Ministry of Finance through the Legal Department.

The units provide related documents andinformation and prepare documents to serve the inspection requirements and participate in inspection teams as planned.

The inspection aims to collect information, capture and properly assess the reality of the situation of law enforcement on handling of administrative violations in the financial area; grasp difficulties and problems in the law enforcement to give prompt and appropriate solutions.

The inspection must be objective, efficient and comply with provisions of law. The inspection activities must ensure close coordination among relevant agencies and organizations donot overlap with other inspection activities.

Direct inspection time is expected in the second and third quarter of 2020.

By H. Van/ Huyen Trang


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