Conditions on the import of second-hand machinery and equipment are loosened under the latest draft circular of the Ministry of Science and Technology, according to Do Hoai Nam, Director of the Ministry’s Department of Technology Appraisal, Examination and Assessment.

Under the draft which will replace Circular No. 20/2014/TT-BKHCN of July 15, 2014, on import of used machinery, equipment and technology, the concept “age of equipment” is used instead of norms on use duration of imported second-hand equipment.

The draft stipulates that an equipment is permitted for import when its age does not exceed 10 years counting from the date of manufacture and it is manufactured according to Vietnam’s national standards or regulations or G7 countries’ standards on environment, safety and energy efficiency.
The draft allows customs-clearing enterprises to preserve goods in storage yards before they can fully submit required papers within the time limit prescribed by the Customs Law.
Under the draft, an FDI project applying for an investment certificate or registering its investment, which has a list of used machinery and equipment, is no longer governed by Circular No. 20, Nam said, noting that however such machinery or equipment, once imported into Vietnam, cannot be sold or transferred.
The draft circular aims to create the best conditions for enterprises while ensuring imported machinery and equipment are neither obsolete nor cause environmental pollution and unsafety.

Under Circular No. 20, imported machinery, equipment and technology must be less than five years old and their quality must be 80 percent as good as brand-new ones.



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