VCN – Expanding the project of online tax payment via banks and Customs clearance 24/7, on 12th December 2017, the General Department of Customs (GDC) has signed a cooperation agreement with 6 banks: Sacombank, Mizuho Bank LTD , SCB, VPBank, HDBank, and LienvietpostBank, which shall collect taxes electronically 24/7 from 15th December 2017.

The project of online tax payment via banks and Customs clearance 24/7 is a key project of the GDC in 2017 to support enterprises to make direct payment at the Customs e-Payment Gateway; allows taxpayers to make direct tax declaration and payment at the Customs e-Payment Gateway at any time, anywhere, and by any means with a connection to the internet. The bank shall confirm the successful payment and goods shall be cleared immediately.

Compared to the current collection methods, the online payment method via banks, the 24/7 tax payment and Customs clearance process is more preeminent, simple, convenient and more accurate.

At the signing ceremony, Deputy Director General of Customs Nguyen Duong Thai said that administrative reform required the Customs sector to upgrade the e-Payment Gateway to reach the objectives of maximizing taxpayers to pay taxes at any time, anywhere and any means and minimize cash payment; ensuring the timeless and accuracy of tax payment information; shortening time of tax payment and clearing goods as soon as tax payment is received, thereby reducing the time of Customs clearance to the average of ASEAN-4 countries under the Government’s guidance.

This cooperation agreement was signed by the General Department of Customs and six banks to re-sign cooperation agreements to facilitate the project to operate smoothly.

In order to implement this project, the coordination of banks is a decisive factor to the success. Therefore, the GDC held many meetings with commercial banks.

Most of the commercial banks have said that the development of an additional tax collection channel “Online tax payment 24/7” on the Customs e-Payment Gateway expressed the efforts of the Customs to provide more supports to the import and export activities of enterprises. This also helps the banks provide more convenient services for their customers.

Mr. Le Thanh Trung, Deputy Director General of HD Bank said that the project of online tax payment 24/7 was very progressive of the GDC in providing maximum support for enterprises and accelerating the Customs administrative reform, and it also helped banks have a new product of support for their customers.

“HD Bank is honored to be one of the banks implementing this new method of tax payment. With the signing of the agreement with the GDC to carry out the online tax payment 24/7, HD Bank is committed to bringing this new service to all our customers to serve them in the best way,” said Le Thanh Trung.



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