The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) planned to remove 464 to 612 conditions for establishing businesses and conducting business activities, equivalent to some 38 to 50 percent of the total existing business conditions, said Minister Tran Tuan Anh at a meeting to review business conditions under MoIT’s management held on September 15.

At the meeting, MoIT’s administrative reform team and representatives of departments presented a report on two options to simplify the existing business conditions and proposed a roadmap to reduce business procedures and implementation supervision plans.

Under the first option, the team recommended to remove 464 conditions or 38.15 percent of total business conditions. Particularly for food traders, 180 out of the current 350 conditions have been suggested to be removed.

In the other option, MoIT suggested 612 conditions be removed or 50.3 percent of the total business conditions for 17 sectors. The food trading sector will see 331 out of 350 business conditions eliminated. 

The 17 business sectors for which procedures for starting a business will be simplified include petrol, gas, explosive precursors, chemicals, alcohol, cigarette, food, electricity, temporary import for re-export of frozen foods, commercial franchising, logistic services, industrial precursors, goods exchanges, commercial assessment, multilevel marketing, e-commerce, and industrial explosive materials.

After removal, total business conditions will be 752 if the first option is realized or 604 conditions if the second option is chosen.

Minister Anh asked authorities to assess possible impacts of the simplification of administrative procedures on business operations and the people.

The reduction of business conditions and removal of procedural difficulties for enterprises constitute a key task throughout the course of administrative reform, importantly contributing to the improvement of legal institutions and apparatus and creation of a transparent investment and business environment and a facilitative government, the minister said.

At the meeting, the minister asked departments to continue reviewing relevant regulations and some 100 other business conditions for further removal and then report to him on September 21 for final decision.



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