Taking effect January 1 next year, the new Law on Civil Status (the Law) will guarantee harmony among the legal frameworks on civil status, family records and citizen identity.

Composed of 77 articles arranged in seven chapters, the Law focuses on competence and procedures for civil status registration.

Ensuring civil status registration right and obligation of individuals

As per the Law, civil status events include birth, marriage, guardianship, parent and child recognition, civil status change and correction, ethnicity re-determination, civil status information addition and death.

Vietnamese citizens as well as stateless persons permanently residing in Vietnam have the civil status registration right and obligation. Unless otherwise provided by a treaty to which Vietnam is a contracting party, this provision also applies to foreign citizens permanently residing in Vietnam. The Law further stipulates that the State will adopt comprehensive policies and measures and create conditions for individuals to exercise and perform their civil status registration right and obligation, and ensure budget, physical foundations, human resources and investment in information technology development for civil status registration and management activities…

Source: http://vietnamlawmagazine.vn/


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