The prime minister has urged the customs sector to simplify its administrative procedures to ensure a favourable business climate in line with international practice.

In an announcement recently issued by the governmental Office, the PM requested the sector to review and amend legal documents following consultations with relevant bodies.

The announcement also notes that the heads of ministries are to be held accountable for the implementation of a government resolution issued early this year on the introduction of a one-stop mechanism for administrative procedures.

The document also highlights the collaboration and communication expected among ministries and sectors as they aim to address possible difficulties in the implementation as quickly as possible.

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) will be in charge of ensuring the integration of the database systems across all ministries and sectors, using the national one-stop information portal.

Ministries and sectors are to accelerate the application of outsourced information and technology services as well as online formalities in the inspection of exported and imported goods. They must link their systems with the MoF’s database and issue updates on their participation in the national one-stop mechanism.

The PM called for investment from various sources to improve the infrastructure and facilities of customs agencies, allowing them to deliver better services.

He also called for the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the business community and the media to act as supervisors of the work.



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