On October 6, 2021, the Prime Minister issues the Decision No. 29/2021/QD-TTg regarding preferential treatment for special investment.

In particular, the 7% preferential rate lasting for 33 years will be applied to income generated from investment projects falling into one of the following cases:

1, Investment projects for institution of innovation centers and research and development centers (including expansion thereof) having investment capital of at least VND 3,000 billion each and disbursing at least VND 1,000 billion within 03 years from the issuance date of the investment registration certificate or the approval decision for investment proposal.

2, Investment projects classified as those prescribed in point b of clause 2 of Article 20 of the Law on Investment and satisfying one of the following four criteria: Being first-tier high technology projects; or having Vietnamese enterprises participated in their first-tier chains; or having added value accounts for between more than 30% and 40% of total production cost of their outputs or end products; or satisfying first-tier technology transfer requirements.

This Decision takes into force as of October 6, 2021.

Decision No. 29/2021/QD-TTg


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