From December 01, 2014, enterprises, cooperatives and business households engaged in by-automobile transportation business or provision of road transportation support services in the Vietnamese territory, re-declaration of fare/freight rates shall be made by units that increase or reduce their fare/freight rates by more than 3% compared to previously declared fare/freight rates due to change of fare/freight constituents is the content of the Joint Circular No. 152/2014/TTLT-BTC-BGTVT dated October 15, 2014 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the application of by-automobile transportation fare/freight rates and road transportation support service charge rates.

Transportation business units shall declare fare/freight rates to competent agencies at least 5 (five) working days before applying such fare/freight rates. In case of increasing or reducing fare/freight rates by no more than 3%, unit are not required to make re-declaration but shall, before applying them, notify in writing the increased or reduced fare/freight rates to the agency receiving written declarations of fare/freight rates.

Besides, this Circular also prescribes that the form of service charge rate display: Service providers shall publicly announce road transportation support service charge rates in Vietnam dong in appropriate and explicit forms without causing confusion to customers, by printing, sticking or inscribing them on notice boards or paper sheets or otherwise displaying them at ticket counters or transaction places conveniently for customers to see. In addition to the display of service charge rates, they shall publicly announce service charge rates in other lawful forms.

This Circular takes effect on December 1, 2014, and replaces Joint Circular No. 129/2010/TTLT-BTC-BGTVT of August 27, 2010.

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Joint Circular No. 152/2014/TTLT-BTC-BGTVT


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