The Prime Minister on April 4 issued a directive on the implementation of the National Assembly’s Resolution No. 112/2015/QH13, on enhancing the management of land areas previously pertaining to state-run agricultural or forest farms which are currently used by agriculture companies, forestry companies, forest management units and other organizations, households and individuals.

Under Directive No. 11/CT-TTg, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for directing and guiding localities in reviewing and determining boundaries, putting up landmarks and measuring and making cadastral maps and land use boundary dossiers in the year.

It is also tasked to carry out procedures for land lease, determination of land prices and collection of land use levy, and grant certificates of land-use rights and rights to own houses and land-attached assets in accordance with the regulations for land areas which agriculture and forestry companies may retain when being reorganized under Government Decree No. 118 dated December 17, 2014, on the restructuring, renewal, development and enhancement of operational effectiveness of agriculture and forestry companies.

The Ministry is urged by the Prime Minister to work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in formulating and organizing the implementation of a master plan on enhanced management of land originating from state-run farms during 2016-20, and coordinating with the Ministry of Finance in drafting and submitting to the Prime Minister for approval plans on the central budget’s support funding for localities to implement such master plan.

Under the Directive, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will have to closely work with related ministries and sectors to revise or add forms of bankruptcy of agriculture and forestry companies and dissolution of underperformed units.



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