On November 01, 2014, the Government issued the Resolution No. 78/NQ-CP on tax exemption for the Government bond in the international market in 2014.

At the Resolution, the Government decides to exempt the enterprise income tax and personnel income taxes for incomes from Government bond’s interest  in the international  market in 2014, at the same time, the Government appoints the Ministry of Finance to list in the prospectus and the documents supplied to the investors and appoints the Ministry of Justice to insert the legal opinions on issuing international government bonds in 2014.

Previously, at the Resolution No. 64/NQ-CP on the Government’s regular meeting on August 2014, the Government agreed to issue the bond into the international capital market to exchange Government bond issued in 2005 and 2010; accordingly, the new capital resources can be used for pay the maturity debts.

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Resolution No. 78/NQ-CP 


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