The Government has issued Resolution No. 42/2020/NQ-CP dated April 09, 2020 on solution to support the people affected by Covid-19 pandemic. Regulated entities including employees, employers, enterprises, people with meritorious services to the revolution; and poor and near-poor households. In which, the duration of support for the above entities depends on the actual situation of the evolution of the pandemic but not more than 3 months and is applied from April to June 2020. The support level for each entity is stipulated as follows:

–       Enterprises with financial difficulties are supported with 0% interest rate loan payment

–       Employees who are forced to postpone contract performance, take unpaid leave due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic are supported VND 1,800,000/person/month

–       Self-employed, unemployed workers who have not received unemployment benefits are supported VND 1,000,000/person/month

–       Business households with income of less than VND 100 million/year, ceasing their business from April 1, 2020 shall be supported with VND 1,000,000/household/month.

–       Poor and near-poor households are supported VND 250,000/person/month

–       People with meritorious services to the revolution are supported VND 500,000/person/month

The Resolution also stipulated policy of temporary suspension of pension and survivorship contributions for employees and employers in cases where employers are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. And the employees can send the application for unemployment benefits by mail, job search notice by email, fax … without having confirmation from the People’s Committee of the commune or ward.

The Government’s Resolution stated that the State, enterprises and social community share responsibility for ensuring employees’ lives. The State also gives priority to spending resources from the state budget which will be appropriately distributed to central and local budgets to implement this support policy.


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