From November 1, the time limit for grant of an enterprise registration certificate will be shortened to three working days after a business registration office receives a complete and valid dossier, instead of five days as at present.



This is amongst the new regulations set out in Government Decree No. 78 dated September 14, detailing dossiers, orders and procedures for registration of enterprises and business households; and defining business registration offices and agencies in charge of state management of enterprise registration.

The time limit reduction is made thanks to a mechanism for automatic inter-network coordination between business registration offices and tax agencies through creation and use of enterprise identification numbers.

Accordingly, each enterprise will be given one identification number, which will also be regarded as its tax identification number. This identification number, which is created, transmitted and received automatically through the national information system on enterprise registration and the tax registration information system, will be stated in the enterprise registration certificate and serve the management and exchange of information about the enterprise by state agencies throughout its operation.

In order to further facilitate enterprise founding, the Decree allows business registration offices to organize different places in their respective provinces to receive enterprise registration dossiers and notify results to applicants.

In addition, enterprises may decide on the design, content and number of their seals. An enterprise may have more than one seal with the same design and content.

This Decree will replace Decree No. 43 of 2010 and Decree No. 05 of 2013 on enterprise registration.

Source: vietnamlawmagazine


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