VCN – The General Department of Vietnam Customs has issued a document guiding the provincial and municipal Customs Departments to carry out customs procedures while waiting for handling the cases which fail to meet the conditions prescribed in Decree No. 68/2016 / ND-CP on regulations on conditions for duty-free business, warehouses and sites for Customs clearance, Customs inspection and supervision.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, the units are synthesizing to report to the Ministry of Finance to submit to the Government for dealing with cases which do not meet the conditions stipulated in Government’s Decree 68/2016 / ND-CP.

While waiting for guidelines of relevant authorities, in order to not affect the operations of enterprises, the municipal and provincial Customs Department continues to implement Customs procedures, inspection and supervision of goods in, out or stored at operating warehouses, sites under the provisions of Decree No. 68/2016/ND-CP or other documents of competent authorities.

The municipal and provincial Customs Departments also are requested to review and encourage warehouse and site operators to complete their facilities and upgrade the camera data storage system of camera images and goods management software in accordance with provisions in Decree No. 68/2016/ND-CP.

Decree 68/2016 / ND-CP is effective from July 1st, 2014, which stipulates the conditions for duty-free business, warehouses, and sites for Customs clearance, Customs inspection, and supervision. However, many enterprises have not met the provisions. According to the Hanoi Customs Department, the unit is currently managing 36 warehouses and sites. Of these, 35 warehouses and sites were established and operated before the effective date of Decree 68/2016 / ND-CP. In accordance with the provisions of Decree 68/2016 / ND-CP, besides one tax-suspension warehouse, the other warehouses and sites have not yet met one or several conditions for certification and recognition.

Some warehouses and sites cannot be expanded into the surrounding areas. Some others will be moved to new places which are being built to meet conditions on position and area such as ICD My Dinh (moved to Duc Thuong, Hoai Duc, Ha Noi); ICD Co Bi will replace ICD Gia Lam; the express delivery office of Song Binh-Fedex Trade and Service Co., Ltd (moved to Noi Bai International Airport). Besides, some warehouses, places have not found the appropriate place.

In terms of goods management system connected directly with Customs management authorities, the Hanoi Customs Department said that enterprises are developing appropriate software to connect with the Customs authorities.


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