Vietnam has made rapid progress in the past several decades, becoming an appealing investment ground for many foreign investors. Furthermore, investing in Vietnam real estate is arguably one of the...

Vietnam has made rapid progress in the past several decades, becoming an appealing investment ground for many foreign investors. Furthermore, investing in Vietnam real estate is arguably one of the most lucrative routes to profit from the country’s strong demographic trends and rising middle class. However, real estate investment in Vietnam does come with its own sets of challenges, thus necessitating a reputable real estate investment firm in Vietnam.

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ATS Legal – Leading real estate investment firm in Vietnam

If you are looking for real estate investment opportunities in Vietnam but having difficulties in navigating the country’s legal landscape, ATS Lawyers is willing to offer assistance. We shall take a closer look at the reason why investing in Vietnam real estate market is a great option, why you should choose us as your real estate investment firm in Vietnam, and who our passionate team of real estate experts is, so you can select the best investment firm to accompany you in your investment journey.

Why should you consider investing in Vietnam real estate market?

In recent years, Vietnam has been recognized as one of the countries with the fastest economic growth rate in the Southeast Asian area. Along with this growth comes the development of various areas, including real estate. Foreign investors are drawn to Vietnam real estate for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Enormous increase in real estate demand: Since Vietnam’s economy has been growing at an unprecedented rate in the past couple of decades, there is a rising number of middle-class residents, thus resulting in a tremendous increase in real estate demands such as houses, apartments, offices, and other infrastructures. This increase in demands makes Vietnam real estate market a positive profitable investment opportunity.
  • Government support: Since Vietnam is on the rise, the Vietnamese Government has made great efforts to attract investment sources by simplifying paperwork and processes, streamlining real estate investment for foreigners, and refining regulations laws to protect investors’ rights and interests.
  • Tourism potential: Vietnam is well-known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, and lively nightlife. Therefore, the country has emerged as a popular destination for tourists all around the world. This rise in tourism also increases profit potential from investing in Vietnam real estate for purposes of tourism.
  • Attract real estate price: Being a developing country with many cutting-edge infrastructures in development, real estate values have the potential to rise significantly in the future. Therefore, Vietnam real estate market holds great promises for foreign investors who want to see big profit margins in the future.

ATS Lawyers – Who are we?

ATS Lawyers, headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a legal service provider aimed at providing top-level legal advices and consultations on domestic as well as international matters. We also have our office in Ho Chi Minh City, the economic and financial hub of Vietnam, to better assist clients from all over the country as well as from abroad who are interested in the Vietnamese legal landscape.

At ATS Lawyers, our motto is “Our deeds reflect our creed” and our goal is to provide the very best professional legal services in order to gain and maintain our clients’ trust and

satisfaction. Our approach is client-focused, solution-orientated, and innovative. We offer legal services that assist our clients in running their businesses smoothly and minimizing their administrative overheads so that they can focus on their core business activities and flourish.

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At ATS, we aim to provide top-notch legal services to our clients

Why do you need to choose a real estate investment firm in Vietnam

Vietnam is undoubtedly a lucrative real estate market to invest in; however, as a foreign investor wanting to implement a real estate project in Vietnam, you might be faced with a series of challenges, from acquiring capital funding to obtaining licenses and negotiating with multiple levels of government regulation. Unfamiliarity with the legal system, language, and paperwork proceedings in Vietnam would render your quest to invest in the country’s real estate market a difficult one. Therefore, choosing a professional and trustworthy real estate investment firm is crucial to investing in Vietnam real estate market.

ATS – a leading real estate investment firm in Vietnam

There are many real estate investment firms in the market, so why should you choose ATS as your real estate investment firm? At ATS, we offer a wide range of legal consultancy services. And, our real estate specialists have the necessary hands-on experience to deal with all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, and sub-leases.

With our expert team having years of experience, ATS Lawyers promises to assist you in all of the legal as well as administrative processes and make sure that, despite the ever-changing real estate market in Vietnam, you receive the best consulting services and legal advices you need to profit the most from your investments.

real estate investment firm

Our real estate expert team at ATS focus on:

  • Real estate transactions and licensing
  • Land use and property leases
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Real estate financing sources/debt restructuring

ATS Lawyers offers comprehensive services to its clients in the area of real estate investment, from drafting key documents to advising on tax issues and quantifying potential commercial risks.

ATS achievements and awards

ATS’s outstanding legal service has been affirmed by several prestigious international organizations. Having been ranked and awarded with several prizes from organizations such as The Legal 500 – the reputable capabilities assessor of law firms across the world  and the International Financial Law Review 1000 (IFLR1000) – a well-known organization providing tiered rankings of the leading financial and corporate law firms for different regions, markets and practice areas, accompanied by analysis of the market trends and the business environment, ATS Lawyers is recognized as the leader in the Vietnamese legal landscape. Thus, you can rest assured when choosing us as your real estate investment firm that you will be receiving top-notch legal advices and services.

Real estate experts at ATS Lawyers

At ATS, we have a team full of experts in all aspects of legal proceedings and advising to aid you in your real estate investment business. Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Ha, the Director and Managing Partner of ATS, is one of such experts on our real estate team with ample experience and recognized awards.

With over two decades of professional experience as an in-house lawyer for various prominent corporations and firms, Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Ha possesses extensive expertise in real estate and construction. Formerly serving as the Senior Consultant of Ernst & Young Vietnam (Advisory services) and National Project Coordinator for the National Blood Safety Programme (World Health Organization), Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Ha leads the real estate team at ATS, leveraging her robust legal consulting background in numerous large-scale projects to deliver optimal service to clients.

Additionally, Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Ha has garnered recognition from the Legal 500 as a “Recommended Lawyer” in banking and finance in 2016 and 2020, and in dispute resolution, labor and employment, real estate and construction, and taxation fields in 2020. She was also featured among the top 100 leading lawyers in Vietnam by the Asia Business Law Journal from 2021 to 2024 and recognized as a “Rising Star” in Corporate and M&A by Asialaw from 2022 to 2024. Furthermore, she was honored as a “Highly regarded” Lawyer by IFLR1000 in the field of Project Development in 2023.

real estate investment firm
Mrs. Vu Thi Thu Ha – Director and Managing Partner of ATS

With our expert team, we are dedicated to providing our clients with world-leading advice so that they can navigate the Vietnam real estate investment landscape and profit the most out of this lucrative market.

Contact us at +8424.3751.1888 and [email protected] or send in your inquiry form here and our team will reach out to provide you with detailed consultations.

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