Financial Law Day 2017: Strengthening institutional and financial policy reform

VCN- The Minister of Finance has just signed the Decision No. 1572 / QD-BTC on the implementation of the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Financial Law...

VCN- The Minister of Finance has just signed the Decision No. 1572 / QD-BTC on the implementation of the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Financial Law in 2017.

The theme of the Law Day this year was selected by the Ministry of Finance was to “Continue to improve institutions, improve the business environment, enhance national competitiveness, innovate and improve the efficiency of the Law, anti-corruption, anti-waste, promote administrative reform, remove obstacles, difficult to support people and businesses”.

In order to implement the Law Day effectively, associated with the performance of tasks of the Finance sector, the Ministry of Finance has put specific actions in connection with the four key tasks.

In the development of legal normative documents, units in the sector will focus on absorbing, revising and finalizing the bill to submit to the Government for submission to the National Assembly for comments and approval of the Law on Debt Management and the Law amending and supplementing some articles of the Law on Environmental Protection Tax; focus on reviewing law enforcement; survey and evaluate the current state of social relations; study and elaborate the content of the policy; organize the collection of comments from concerned agencies and organizations for finalization of dossiers of application for making law proposals for bills amending or supplementing a number of tax Laws or draft law on tax administration, the Law on Securities (amended), the Bill on Property Tax;to meet the conditions for addition to the 2018 Law and Ordinance Development Program and register the building of the Law and ordinance program for 2019.

In the task of popularizing and educating the law, the Ministry of Finance will promote propaganda and dissemination widely on the mass media, newspapers and magazines. At the same time, promoting the implementation of the Law on the Management and Utilization of Public Assets and documents guiding the implementation of the State Budget Law, the Law on Charges and Fees, the Law on Accounting (revised), the Export and Import Duty law (revised); promoting propaganda on policies, documents, results of law enforcement and administrative reform in newspapers and magazines inside and outside the financial sector; organizing seminars, exchanges and training on legal work.

In the reform and simplification of administrative procedures, the units of the financial sector shall continue to strictly control the issue of administrative procedures, ensuring that they do not stipulate administrative procedures in the circulars. The Ministry of Finance shall not issue new administrative procedures when it find it unnecessary; review, simplify and improve the implementation of administrative procedures; promptly announce and publicize administrative procedures under its management to ensure that people and enterprises can access to information on administrative procedures in a timely, adequate and convenient manner; focus on renovating and intensifying the application of information technology to administrative procedures; continue to strengthen online public services, with a focus on taxation and customs.

In the legal support for businesses, the whole sector shall timely control legal information and dialogues, remove difficulty and obstacles in the practical application of legal documents for enterprises, people, taxpayers, and customs declarers; step up activities of solving and answering enterprises’ problems in the implementation of legal documents and administrative procedures, especially newly arising problems; continue reviewing and timely updating new legal documents on the National Database of the Law.

It is known that in the past four years, the implementation of the provisions of Law on the Law Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Day of Financial Law has been effectively and deeply implemented by the Ministry of Finance with the central contents in line with the work of building and organizing the implementation of the financial law. Thereby, contributing to raising the sense and responsibility of cadres and civil servants in performing the tasks of building and organizing the implementation of legal documents and reforming the simplification of administrative procedures. At the same time, specific activities related to legal support for enterprises, guidance and solutions to problems in the implementation of legal documents and administrative procedures have contributed to promoting the quality of law dissemination and education.


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