Hanoi Tax Department promotes to develop electronic tax systems

VCN – According to Hanoi Tax Department, in recent times, the unit has put more effort to implement the modernization programs for taxpayers, especially electronic taxation services, such as online...

VCN – According to Hanoi Tax Department, in recent times, the unit has put more effort to implement the modernization programs for taxpayers, especially electronic taxation services, such as online tax filing, electronic tax filing, receiving and returning results of VAT rebate via electronic method,…

These are modern transaction methods, suitable to the development trend of the world. The application of online public services at level 3, 4 in general and electronic tax services, in particular, will bring ultimate benefits to organizations and individuals.

According to statistics of Hanoi Tax Department, up to now, there are 98% of enterprises operate in the area that has implemented online tax declaration (accounting for 1/5 of the total number of enterprises lodging tax declaration dossier via online of the whole country).

By the end of August/2017, there are 125,284 units completed registering two electronic tax payment procedures, accounting for 95.25% of enterprises operating in the province (and 21% of the total number of enterprises paying electronic taxes of the whole country).

The application of online tax declaration and electric tax payments are considered to be the most widespread public service in the administrative sector in Hanoi, helping businesses to reduce time and cost of procedures implementation, improve tax administration efficiency.

These numbers have contributed to the improvement of Par Index (from 9/63 in 2015 to 3/63 in 2016) and the Vietnam ICT Index of Hanoi city (from 3/63 in 2015 to 2/63 in 2016). In the coming time, Hanoi will continue to maintain, deploy and expand its electronic tax system.

Accordingly, based on the pilot results of electronic tax refund has been implemented since 1/2017 for 102 selected enterprises in the area, Hanoi Tax Department continues to select and organize training courses to expand the implementation of electronic tax refunds for 503 enterprises that have generated dossier of drawback export tax, refunds on investment projects and all other eligible enterprises in the area.

At the same time, prepare to deploy Electronic Submission for property leasing households in quarter 4 of 2017 under the program of the General Department of Taxation; in cooperation with General Department of Taxation to develop and upgrade the management application of motorbike vehicle registration fees paid to service level 4. After the implementation period of experiments in 6/2017 in some of Tax Branch, the General Department of Taxation is expected to report to the Ministry of Finance and propose to coordinate with the Vietnam Register – Ministry of Transport to deploy the expansion, …

Implementing electronic tax obligations brings many benefits for people and enterprises. Enterprises can do free online tax declaration, tax payment and an electronic tax refund from any location with an internet connection, proactive at any time, regardless of business hours or holidays.

The online records will be received and notified immediately about the processing that helps enterprises proactively follow the progress, results of processing tax dossiers or receive notification about additional guidance, complete documentation – no wasted time or travel cost for waiting. The system of tax authorities also implements online storage for submitted dossiers helping enterprises to search and download conveniently and quickly.

The electronic tax payment also helps businesses to fulfill their obligations with the state budget in a safe and secure manner – avoiding the risks of cash transfers and direct transaction, reducing the chance of direct transaction with staff and taxpayers in order to prevent potential and negative risks.


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